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Why UPVC Windows are Better than Wooden or Aluminium Windows

There are still lots of homeowners today who have not jumped into the trend of utilizing UPVC windows of their houses. While the majority of them already know of their advantages, they are still touted in their old means and will rather stick to what they are used to such as windows made of wood and aluminium. There are others who might have given up utilizing wooden windows, but have selected a replacement that might not be that much of an enhancement over their old ones.

Here are the comparisons amongst 3 of the most popular windows being used in residential homes. Let us start with wood windows.

UPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows: Which is the Best?

Everybody knows that trees need to be cut down for timber windows to be made. Apart from that, this kind of window frame requires to be coated and then repainted periodically over time. It requires being maintained well as it tends to rot, warp or crack. Insufficient maintenance results in draughts that can let out the heat from your room, thus draining its energy. As such, wood is not the best fit for double glazed window panes.

Wood windows are commonly used in offices and homes as they improve the aesthetic beauty of your home. However, a lot of people are now utilizing UPVC windows instead of the wooden ones because they are easy to maintain and installation is stress free too. Another good reason that encourages a lot of people to use UPVC windows is that they are more reasonable than wood.

Un Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or UPVC for short is considered to be eco-friendly. Manufacturing these types of windows consumes less energy as opposed to the wooden frames. These are energy efficient because they keep your property well insulated. It also helps keep the temperature of your home during hot season. This allows you to save energy in your home.

When it comes to maintenance, wood needs regular cleaning and polishing. When you choose UPVC windows, you don’t need to worry about spending on polish and paint. Cleaning these windows is very easy.

In case of being weather resistant, UPVC windows are much better. Windows made of wood normally start fading once exposed to sunlight. This isn’t the case with windows made of UPVC. Wooden windows also have low resistance to rain and wind. However, when you select UPVC windows for your home, you can forget about facing these issues because they are wind and water resistant.

Wood is prone to the attack of termite that could damage it greatly. Termite treatment could add to your bills. You don’t need to worry about this issue once you consider UPVC windows.

UPVC Windows vs Aluminium Windows: Which is the Best?

Modern aluminium windows, on the other hand, don’t require trees to be cut. However, they use lots of energy during production. Window frames from aluminium are natural heat conductors. Meaning, they are not capable of becoming energy efficient insulators. If you mean to have double glazing for your windows, utilizing aluminium frames will defeat their purpose as they not capable of reducing the transference of heat.

Windows made of aluminium tend to appear unattractive as they begin fading on incessant exposure to UV rays. So, the need to re-coat them occurs after extended use. UPVC windows, on the other hand, have an intrinsic blend of UV resistance that prevents it from vanishing though it is exposed to UV rays for hours. Thus, there’s no question of re-coating for maintenance. Cleaning is so easy as well.

Rainwater leaks in an aluminium window due to inappropriate insulation and defective installation. Quite the opposite, UPVC windows have a natural mechanism to hold off rainwater. Windows made of aluminium are not tough to survive the pressure of disparaging winds. Aside from that, these windows also tend to make whistling and rattling sounds that are disturbing. Windows made of UPVC are multi-chambered as well, being armoured with tough material like steel that helps them conquer the attack of brawny gales. There’s a loss of heat in aluminium windows because they are not set up correctly and sealing isn’t sufficient. UPVC windows, on the other hand, are poor conductors of heat and the special structure helps preserve heat energy.

Windows made of aluminium are sealed poorly and they have automatic joints that lead to poor insulation of sound or noise. Once you check the UPVC window, you will see that they are welded and sealed properly with many lock joints that allow them to give superb noise insulation. The hollow frame of windows made of aluminium results in a frail structure that requires more frames that allows sunlight to filter in. The huge dimensions of windows that are structurally sturdy due to the reinforcement of steel allow a lot of sunlight to enter the house. The aluminium windows need many frames, also resulting in a small area of ventilation. UPVC windows are capable of allowing much more room for ventilation as it doesn’t need lots of frames to install.

Aluminium windows, like wood windows, need lots of attention as well as preservation and this doesn’t really add value to your home. UPVC windows, on the other hand, have longer lifespan, don’t need much preservation and so, are accountable for adding significance to your property in the end. There must be no hesitations in your mind regarding which type of window to choose when it comes to your home. You can decide on UPVC windows. Sooner or later, you will realize that you made the right choice. Of course, you don’t want to be labelled as outdated. So, it’s time for you to switch over to windows made of UPVC.

Final Verdict

These are the factors that encourage a lot of people to choose UPVC windows over wood windows and aluminium windows. UPVC windows are accessible in various colours so that homeowners can utilize them to enhance the beauty of their home.

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