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HomeRoofline Ltd offer outstanding value on the best composite doors on the market, the Rockdoor. We install composite Rockdoors throughout Manchester and Cheshire and with three different series to choose from, there is a door to suit all budgets.

Recent Installs

The highest security rated door on the market Rockdoor blows away the competition of other composite doors and upvc doors.

Our Rockdoor fitters have fitted many composite Rockdoors in Manchester and Cheshire and have many years of experience and have all passed the high standards set by Rockdoor for the installation of these doors.

Rockdoor composite doors combine attractive design with industry-leading security and outstanding thermal efficiency, HomeRoofline ensuring that every Rockdoor is a stylish addition once installed to your home. As well as front doors and back doors, you can also choose from a range of stylish stable doors and French doors so you can get the Rockdoor you need for your home in many different styles and colours.

When you have a Rockdoor fitted, you’ll get the reassurance and peace of mind you need to feel safer in your own home and with a full manufacturer guarantee cost is never a problem.

rockdoorsComposite Doors With A Difference

Established in 1996, Rockdoor has been instrumental in the development of the ‘composite door’ and has carved out an enviable reputation as the leading name in the industry, often asked for by name!

Unique in both design and construction, the Rockdoor composite door includes extremely high standards of security achieving multiple accreditations such as PAS 23 & PAS 24 as well as Secured by Design (where specified), a Police backed initiative.

Many Rockdoor Styles and Glass Designs are unique to us and therefore are only available by asking for us by name.

Operating nationwide Rockdoor has been achieving high standards for many years, through a blend of high performance composite doors, continual product development, thermal efficiency, and unbeatable security.

Benefits of Rockdoor Composite Doors

  • Most secure composite door available – even the Police and Fire Service can’t get in
  • Most thermally efficient composite door available – available with an A Rating as standard
  • Huge choice of door styles, glass options and colours in the Ultimate, Elite and Select ranges
  • Fully PAS 23/24, and Secured by Design accredited
  • Low maintenance – made of uPVC
  • Comprehensive guarantee


Security Ratings

If truth be told, many homeowners don’t realise how vulnerable they are until after they’ve been burgled. By installing a high security Rockdoor composite door, you will take away the fear of a thief gaining access to your property through your front doors or back doors which is where 67% of break-ins occur.

Unfortunately you can no longer rely on burglar alarms as the noise often falls on deaf ears; with many now regarding them as noise pollution and not burglar deterrents.


Rockdoor Security Rating

To evaluate the security ratings of each of our Rockdoor Series, we have developed a simple security rating chart to help you compare our composite doors. Our ratings start at 1 for the most secure door available on the market, through to 7 which could be compared to a door panel.

Rockdoor Ultimate Series

The most secure door in our range provides a Level 1 Security Rating as standard, featuring a unique carbon fibre reinforced innerframe only available with a Rockdoor, as well as German engineered multi point hook locks made from solid brass. Cylinder guard protectors and a 50mm thick sash also combine to make Ultimate Series Rockdoors virtually impenetrable to burglars.

Rockdoor Elite Series

Featuring a 44mm sash the Elite Series provides a Level 3 Security Rating as standard, which still surpasses what many other composite door manufacturers can achieve. The Elite Series also comes with German engineered multi point locks, cylinder guard protectors and a reinforced outerframe.

Rockdoor Select Series

Featuring a 44mm sash, the Select Series provides a Level 5 Security Rating as standard making it much more secure than standard door panels. The door comes with secure shoot bolt locks and reinforced outerframe.


Why is a Rockdoor the strongest Composite Door on the market?

There are many reasons why Rockdoors are the regarded by many as the strongest composite door available.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is thanks to a unique and innovative ‘made to measure’ composite door sash that is produced to your exact door aperture to the millimetre, not cut to fit which dramatically weakens the overall door. Think of it like buying a cheap moulded door from a local DIY store which only allows you to cut off so much before the inner core is exposed.

Each and every Rockdoor leaving our production line is designed to provide you the most secure composite door on the market – designed to fit your door aperture – not cut to fit.

How Secure Is A Rockdoor?

What better way to demonstrate the strength and security of a Rock Door Direct door, than the above video showing the Fire Service trying to gain entry through the door whilst on a training exercise. In the rare event of having to force entry in an emergency. To help them in their training, they used a hi-tec diamond tipped power saw – something even expert burglars don’t carry with them.

3 Different Series

Rockdoor Front Doors and Back Doors are split into 3 distinct Series – Ultimate, Elite and Select. Each Series caters for different requirements from exceptional security, style and industry leading thermal efficiency, to those looking for a simple yet stylish composite door to help transform their home.

The Ultimate Series

You care about style, you care about good looks, and you obviously care about your security. That’s why Rockdoor Ultimate Series is the popular choice for those with discerning tastes and security concerns.


Benefits Of The Ultimate Series:

  • Door Set Energy Rating – A as Standard
  • Security Rating – 1 as Standard
  • 50mm Thick Door Sash
  • 3mm High Impact Door Skins
  • Full Range of Door Styles & Glass Designs
  • Carbon Fibre Reinforced Innerframe
  • Soft Coat low-emissivity Backing Glass
  • Argon Filled Double Glazed Unit *
  • Warm Edge Spacerbar
  • Secure Multi Point Locking System
  • 6 Pin Secured by Design Cylinder
  • German Engineered 3D Hinge
  • Stylish High Quality Furniture
  • Fully Guaranteed

Read more about the Ultimate Series on the manufacturers website.

The Elite Series

Security and safety are obviously paramount, but you want competitively priced composite doors that looks great too. Rockdoor Elite Series is exactly that.


Benefits Of The Elite Series:

  • Energy Rating – C as Standard
  • Security Rating – 3 as Standard
  • 44mm Thick Door Sash
  • 2mm High Impact Door Skins
  • Medium Range of Door Styles & Glass Designs
  • Aluminium Reinforced Frame
  • Hard Coat Backing Glass
  • Argon Filled Double Glazed Unit *
  • Warm Edge Spacerbar
  • Secure Multi Point Locking System
  • Engineered 3D Adjustable Hinges
  • High Quality Furniture
  • Fully Guaranteed

Read more about the Elite Series on the manufacturers website.

The Select Series

Ideal for many different styles of property, the Rockdoor Select Series composite door is strong, secure and performs extremely well keeping you and your family safe and warm.


Benefits Of The Select Series:

  • Energy Rating – E as Standard
  • Security Rating – 5 as Standard
  • 44mm Thick Door Sash
  • 2mm High Impact Door Skins
  • Limited Range of Door Styles & Glass Designs
  • Aluminium Reinforced Frame
  • Warm Edge Spacerbar
  • Thunderbolt Multi Point Locking System
  • Traditional Butt Hinges
  • High Quality Furniture
  • Fully Guaranteed

Read more about the Select Series on the manufacturers website.

Door Set Energy Ratings

Door Set Energy Ratings (DSER’s) were recently introduced to the entrance door market, to provide a simple yet effective way of assessing the energy efficiency of residential doors such as composite doors (similar to choosing a washing machine).

Rockdoor are the only composite door manufacturer in the industry to have an entire series of doors which are available with an A-Rating as standard. Your Rockdoor will have an energy rating sticker attached to the door.

We achieve A-Ratings using many innovative techniques, ensuring that heat loss through our composite door is the lowest in the industry. The Ultimate Series Rockdoor features high performance low-emissivity soft coated glass which offers excellent thermal insulation when incorporated within a double glazed unit filled with argon gas and warm edge spacer bars.


Ultimate Series

Featuring a 50mm thick door sash, argon filled double glazed unit, soft coat thermally efficient glass and a carbon fibre reinforced innerframe, Rockdoors Ultimate Series is available with an A-Rating (if chosen with clear backing glass) as standard -a first in the industry across a range – making it the most advanced thermally efficient and secure composite door available.


Elite Series

Featuring a 44mm sash, argon filled double glazed unit and hard coat thermally efficient glass, Rockdoors Elite Series is C-Rated as standard (if chosen with clear backing glass), which exceeds what many other composite door manufacturers can achieve.


Select Series

Featuring a 44mm sash, double glazed unit and thermally efficient glass, Rockdoors Select Series is E-Rated as standard (if chosen with clear backing glass), which meets the industry standard keeping you warm and cosy in your home.

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