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Replacing Your Front Door

2_prodimgWhen it comes to remodeling your home, one of the most cost effective steps you can make is to replace your front door. If your front door is the standard door that came with the building spec of the house, consider replacing it with a Rockdoor. You will really add value to your residence while protecting your biggest investment. After all, your homes door is more than just the main entrance to your house. It is your personality, whether formal and dignified or exuberant with color. When guests arrive to your home the front entrance makes the boldest statement. Welcome them with the quality and beauty of Rockdoor.

You can make your entrance a focal point of your home by concentrating on the door size, style, and applied finishes. There are so many options available to express your homes personality from painted wooden doors, in which you should always use a high quality paint and primer, to over sized doors which are available in 8-foot heights or larger with enlarged widths. You can even use door fabrications including various grains of wood and wrought iron or front door design details such as stained glass inserts or hand carving.

For safety and security, you should consider a composite door which offers the ultimate in longevity, security and style. With all these options available, Rockdoor is a great place to start when replacing your front door. Keep in mind that, on average, a door is opened and closed some 3,500 times a year!


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