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Renovating Fascia and Soffits With a Touch of Colour

UPVC Fascias And SoffitsMore often than not, people opt for white coloured soffits and fascias. It has always been done that way. Pass any neighbourhood and try to count how many houses have white coloured fascia and soffit. Many people are actually afraid to choose colours over the conventional white ones for fear of making their house look garish. What these people do not realize is adding coloured fascia and soffit to their home can provide a nice improvement on the overall appearance of their home.

With the right colour to the soffits and fascias, there could be a dramatic change to the look of the house. You do not need to make expensive changes on the outer portion of your house. Try changing the colour of the fascia and soffit first and see if it is going to make your house look better.

There are a lot of benefits to getting coloured soffits and fascias. Aside from making your home look more inviting, certain colours also illuminate the area. No need to buy expensive bulbs or turn lights on during the day. The coloured fascia and soffit will do the work in brightening up the area.

Another benefit is that it adds more support to your roof. Soffits and fascias will not wear out quickly if there is paint on it. It will make it more resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, it prevents bugs from taking up residence there.

The paint will also add more value to your home. The house will look well made and stylish. No need to do expensive renovations in order to increase the value of your home. Just a little paint on the important areas of your house and you can easily make it look more expensive than it really is.

Choosing the right colour for your fascia and soffit is imperative. There are a lot of options available for wooden, aluminum and vinyl soffit and fascias. Know your options. Get some colour swatches so you can compare them. If you decide to do a full paint job to the exterior of your home, you can try finding two to three colours that will complement each other.

Do not be afraid to ask the help of experts. Find out which colours will speak well for your style and your preferences. A colour expert should help you decide on the best ones to use for your home.

It is also important to pick the right brand of fascia and soffit. If you are doing the painting yourself, make sure you pick the right paint. If not, look for customized soffit and fascia that are really a cut above the rest.

Tips In Adding Colour To Soffits And Fascias

Consider using darker colours. Since these parts of the home are found outdoors, they receive UV rays the most. The lighter the colour, the more likely it is to receive UV rays. This might fade the colours quickly. This is why experts suggest using darker colour trims and accents for the external part of your house.

It is also important to choose the right kind of paint. It has to be suitable for wood. Alternatively, you could buy new UPVC fascia boards and soffit vents in a wood effect finish. If it is wood, make sure the paint really works well for wood. It has to be the exterior type of paint as well. Do not buy the paint for interior decorating as this might not last long outdoors. Pick the right materials for colouring. If you are a novice DIYer, you can opt for rollers or brushes to colour the soffits and fascias. But if you are an expert, airbrush paints might come handy. They make quick work of painting your soffits and fascias.

UPVC Fascias And Soffits

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